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The most traditional form is smoking the dried flowers or leaves of the cannabis plant. Hash and kief are also consumed this way. Cannabis can be smoked through a pipe, rolled into a joint, smoked using a water pipe or vaporized. For most consumers, the effects of smoking dried cannabis are felt almost immediately (5-20 minutes), but soon begin to diminish (15-45mins). Depending on the individual and the THC content of the cannabis strain, effects wear off almost completely within 90 minutes to 4 hours.



Cannabis can be infused into butter or oil that is then cooked into food. Edibles, as they are typically called, usually take longer to take effect than other methods, often 45mins to 2 hours. Doses can be difficult to judge, so it is recommended to eat only small portions of edible cannabis at a time, and wait at least 1 hour to assess its effects so you do not ingest too much. Edibles will kick in significantly faster if eaten on an empty stomach. In general, the effects from eating cannabis last much longer than other consumption methods, often up to 4-6 hours, and then slowly begin to wear off. Many consumers report that this method provides more of a relaxing body effect than the cerebral high that is often accompanied with vaporizing and smoking.



Marijuana infused topcials include lotions, salves, balms, sprays, oils, and creams. However, unlike other forms of ingesting marijuana, topicals are completely non-psychoactive. They will not get you high at all.



Also known as BHO, dabs, co2, or concentrate oil is an extremely potent form of THC, the psychoactive element in marijuana. While regular marijuana might contain 15%-25% THC, marijuana oil concentrate may contain 70%-90% THC. Marijuana oil can be infused into edibles and ingested or vaporized with the use of a vaporizing device.