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The Perfect Burn


There are a variety of different ways to make the age old camp fire snack, but I'm not getting in to the ingredients that go into the snack, nor am I questioning the step by step process. My main concern is and has always been how much to roast the marshmallow. I know, I know, it's the burning question on everyone's mind right now. Oh yeah, get used to terrible puns it's kinda my thing. I've taken a poll around the shop and the results are in. The crispier the better. Not only are they into torching nails or lighting bowls, they enjoying burning the hell out of marshmallows too. Maybe its the inner pyro in them or maybe the taste truly is better. I suppose that maybe the danker the dope the more crispy it will become. Ya know do in part to getting in a daze and thinking about everything else other than roasting a marshmallow. Something that plagues almost all smokers.

I myself am the exception here at High Society and enjoy a nice even golden brown hue applied to the outside of the mallow. I think it looks prettier as well as taste better too. I look at it like an art exhibit and try to make my s'more look like it was something out of a high end eatery. Sometimes it works out and looks decadent, most other times it looks like a three year old attempted to put it together with their feet.

Regardless if you like it burnt to a crisp or damn near raw do it while getting blazed. I think the consensus will agree doing much of anything stoned will enhance the experience. At least that's what everyone here says. As the weather clears and the campfires illuminate the night, please think about how you like your marshmallow roasted. Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy some dank ass bud in the process.

osahon tongo